Tuesday, 23 May 2017

ROINE'S KVARTETT - Dansparty 1 EP 1984

From Gothenburg came this four piece and founding members are Roine Lundström (guitar), Mikael Drottz (vox. & keys), Mikael Ahlquist (vox. & bass) and Mikael Gustavsson (drums). Their only record was released on Rue Roine's Records and they went to Stockholm for the recordings. A few copies were sold and they did a couple of gigs before splitting up in 1986. All three songs are good, especially the keyboard give the songs an unusual twist and is not annoying, Yeah!, I like their '77 powerpop/punk sound and I think you as well. Apart from that, no further information. Probably today, all four are millionaires and the sun shines on their stomach somewhere in the Caribbean, they have earned it :>

Sunday, 21 May 2017

V/A - Bloodstains Across Belgium #2 1998

A long day with lots of music is coming to an end and I will finish with sixteen essential punkrock blasts from Belgium, Number 2 Bloodstains from this small country and before I talk more blah blah blah shit only the hint to Volume 1 and I guess your visit in my little world today was worth it. I'm pretty much done and will chill out the rest Sunday. It's a real pleasure listen to my vinyl nuggets and I must confess, since the mp3 age I make that much too rare, stupid or...? I will change this and you should do so

1.Kill Your Son - RAXOLA
2.What Goes On - CHAINSAW
3.Do You Wanna Know - THE KIDS
4.Working Man - STAGEBEAST
5.Third World Image - UNDERDOGS
6.Belgique - SPERMICIDE
7.Violence - CONTIGENT
8.My Father Is A Fascist - STRESS
9.Jet Boy, Jet Girl - ELTON MOTELLO
10.Wildcat - RAXOLA
11.Rape Her - PINCHERS
13.Z'Heroes Guts - CHAINSAW
14.Re-Pulsion - CELL 609
15.Nuit Blanche - CONTIGENT
16.Kontrole - DE BRASSERS

V/A - Z Siege EP 1987

A record that was eternally waiting to be digitized is the following little notable complation that came out on Bunker Music and today it is done. Four great speedys: Cólera kick off with an untypical Brazilian one, a solid mid-tempo number with excellent lyrics, we know aggressive tones from the boys, Dunkle Tage from Göttingen with a live track, very dynamic and fast but I can't still warm with them, not my case. WDM from Finland is rather my taste, uncompromising Hardcorepunk with fat sound and an exclusive track, not on their 7Inches include. Rounded off by the Bingener metalpunk combo Circle Of Sig-Tiü which tell us what they think about Germany, a real blast and I can only agree with them, thirty years later and nothing has changed, aahhh.. I love their dirty rough sound. They made three good records and came to an end in 1988. Now one more Jever and ripping another slab and you grab this first-class EP before the sun goes down.

1.Somos Vivos - CÓLERA
2.Nehmt Euer - DUNKLE TAGE
3.The Key - WDM
4.Third Reich In Disguise - CIRCLE OF SIG-TIÜ

NOVA EXPRESS - Jerk En Chine 7'' 1982

Just as little information about Nova Express, a five piece from France, which bless us with two New Wave nuggets on their self-produced record. The title track is rather a cozy pop song while the flip is clearly the winner, mystic melancholic driving tempo under a gloomy hood, precisely the character of the drama Phantom Of The Opera. In 1986 they were still represented with two morepieces on a compilation and then disappear in the far distance of nothingness. I'm going to disappear shortly and recommend myself.

Friday, 19 May 2017

COLDREAMS - Morning Rain 7'' 1986

This is one more interesting slab by this five piece from Clermont-Ferrand and not much is known about Coldreams only they has released one cassette in 1985 ('A Crazy Night') and this damn rare single, their only record, via Rock Hardi. This sound is called coldwave and I don't know what this means. Both songs are pretty minimalistic with no Beethoven bums and are for my taste somehow magical. I like these monotonous rhythms and the guitar dances over it, reminds me of the gloomy albums Faith or Seventeen Seconds by the Cure. Both songs do a decent job and with the female vocals they get delicate spells and relax me fully. 

GAROTOS PODRES - Mais Podres Do Que Nunca 1985

Back early in the morning and the weekend is approaching...finally, I'm honestly exhausted by the last days and need rest. And before this working day begins a short trip across the Atlantic to Garotos Podres, a Brazilian punk rock band that was formed 1982 in the municipality of Mauá, in the metropolitan area of São Paulo. Influenced by the punk rock bands of the late 70's and early 80's, at that time Brazil was at the height of the punk movement in the country and several bands arose mainly in large urban centers. This is their debut album on Rockers Produções with eleven decent Oi! hits and I love the minimal distorted Brazilian guitarknarz, brilliant record. More info in the file. Have a nice day and enjoy the music.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

KSMB - Rika Barn Leka Bäst 1981

On their second album "Rika Barn Leka Bäst" (transl. Rich Feather Flock Together) KSMB left the punk in part on this record, I mean, it's still there, but this album is very different from their brilliant debut album Aktion. It is widely regarded as the worst of KSMB's only three albums and was also a step away from pure punk (test for comparison this small 7'' collection). One track (Blått & Guld), for example, included a brass ensemble. That first sounds scary and sometimes I think the record is extremely poppy but if I longer to this album so I think it has been criticized unfairly pejorative. Well, today thirty years later, we look on it with different ears and I wish there were more bands playing this kind of music. So I mean this is a cool powerpop/punk album and I think it will convince you. Would be interesting to know what you think.

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

PYLON - Cool 7'' 1979

Now a bit early stuff by Pylon, an American rock band from Athens, Georgia. The band's danceable sound, a blend of new wave, post-punk, jangle pop, alternative rock and funk rock, influenced the Athens music scene and the 1980s American pop underground. This is their debut single on DB Records and the a-side is a pretty nice poppy mid-tempo tune, love this sound because it's soooo impulsive and simple, cool guitars and the female voice rounds off the song to the whole, a real cracker. The flip weakens a bit, rather such a post-punk thing, not really my cup of tea and in the long run a bit annoying. Anyway, a record which is different and not uninteresting. The band released three albums and many 7Inches. Vanessa (vox), Randall (guitars), Michael (bass) and Curtis (drums) and after turning down an offer to open for a major U2 tour, they decided to break up the band in late 1983.

Monday, 15 May 2017

DETOX - s/t LP 1985

Well, I found this classic one on my hard drive and it was posted by a few bloggers but a lot links are down and now I listen to this great slab and I think, post it again because it's fuckin' worth. Detox was a band from Los Angeles and they released one 7'' and two cool albums, all on Flipside Records. This is their debut one with thirteen comfortable punk killlers, not fast but KBD fit. I would not write more about them because there was a great review from the unfortunately inactive kfth side and I use one to infect you with this great band: "Holy shit, Batman! An original sound and brilliant cover artwork. Lots of bands love dem skulls, but few, if any, ever thought to use their own as part of the album cover design. The flat finish (no gloss) is fantastic-looking, and quite unusual too. This record really grows on you after a few listens. Sometimes they have almost a rockabilly-type roots sound or a country twang, but this changes from song to song. Most are just plain different. In place of solos, the guitar often has a very piercing sound like a circular saw grinding on metal (I can see the sparks flying now). Detox also have deceivingly slow melodies, which are backed up by strong drumming and bass playing throughout. Really good production, plus extra added parts like airplane noises, and dual vocals singing different lines at the same time that show the special attention they paid to details. A needed break from the ordinary." - Thomas Siegel (from Ink Disease #9, Summer 1985) - Unfortunately, a sad info at the end: drummer Lance Krantz died at the age of 37 on a heroin overdose on 15.July 2001. So get this awesome album and enjoy their nice punky songs.