Friday, 20 October 2017

THE BATES - Punk? EP 1998

The Bates was a German punk band, founded in Eschwege, federal state of Hesse/Germany in 1987. The name refers to the character Norman Bates from Alfred Hitchcock's film Psycho. This EP is limited fan edition and contains thirteen tracks. The Bates published alongside original compositions on each of their albums at least two cover versions. On 18.June 2006, singer & frontman Markus Zimmer (R.I.P.) died at the age of 41 years in his apartment. As a basic circulatory collapse is given as cardiac arrest, which is due to the long-standing alcohol and drug addiction. Two days later he was found. A sad sad story indeed. A fuckin' cool live band and unforgotten.

Impressions XII

a few autumn impressions which I shot this week on my everyday ride in the morning by bike. It has become quite chill and I don't like to be so early on the road but sometimes you are compensated with such pictures...

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Thursday, 19 October 2017

V/A - Tour De Farce #3 1989

This is the final Tour compilation which was created by eMpty Records and what's on it is quite delicious. Punk Rock from around the whole world listen to it here and this exotic explosive mixture provides atmospheric change and makes clear that music eliminate all the language barriers. I mean, this makes drinking too, whether in Greece, Angola or Hawaii, hold your glass high, waving over and you learn to know each other and have a good time - drinking connects! - the music itself we have a brilliant mix of HC/punk/punk rock and a little bit obscure sounds, mostly unreleased tracks to date and for me one of the best international punk compilations. Indispensable and belongs in every underground household. And now it's time for the first Franziskaner, Cheers!

1.Second Coming - DEAD ENDS
2.Medo - CÒLERA
3.Policia De Interven? - CRISE TOTAL
4.Reculeo - NO
5.We Don't Need It - WAMPAKU JUNKIES
6.Boring Town - CATHOLIC CULT
7.Demonic Possession - PENTAGRAM
8.Puerco Policia - ATOXXXICO
9.Jesus Pte. Ltd. - OPPOSITION PARTY
10.La Tua Torte Non Aspetta - WRETCHED
11.Le Meilleur Des Mondes - SS 20
12.Sociedad En Decadencia - ATAQUE FRONTAL
13.Chinese Title - BLACKBIRD
14.Everything Could Be Surrounded By The Fog - REJESTRACJA
15.Ala Tun - ZAGA BOX
16.Zlatej Kriz - PRECEDENS
17.Wie Ratten - RALF LEXIS
18.Bensin Skrimslid Skridut - S.H. DRAUMUR
19.Set The Cuckoo-Bird Free - DOC WÖR MIRRAN
21.Hyde Park - THE APOSTLES
23.Leipzig In Trümmern - L'ATTENTAT
24.Street Chant Improvisation - DOK PUNK ROCK

Friday, 13 October 2017

DISTORTION - Frustrerad EP 1982

Today one rare record + we have the only EP by Sweden's Punkrocker Distortion from Järpen, a small town in the north east and they put out this four Killer track slab on Vaxpropp Records. Founded in the late 70s as a three piece combo (Martin (vox & guitar), Mats (bass) and Mikael (drums & vox), they play a lot in their home town area but were unknown in the rest of the country. After they split up in 1983 Mats has published a 12'' with 'Tres Hombres' in 1987. The songs are shape, dirty and raw, pure Swedish punk. The lyrics are written in Swedish cus' to the due fact that's easier to express anger and frustration over the shit society in their own language. Famos stuff!!!

- Huge Thx to Fredrik -

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

3000 ¥ - Humanoid Ha Ha 1994

Hamburg's veteran 3000 ¥ released their only record via Vince Lombardy Highschool Records and what Hake (vocals + guitars), Tim (bass) and Thorsten (drums) here deliver is a fantastic energetic explosion of eleven grandiose songs. They play not the typical Hamburg aggressive punk sound which is immortalized in the 80s by numerous bands from the Hansestadt, 3000 Yen celebrate catchy driving harmonic Rock'N'Roll with exceptional lyrics. My favorites: Wassermann, Hydrokopf, Yeti and U-Boot Manöver (excellent covered by Turbostaat). Some time after the turn of the century they made another album as Bärbel, true to their style and that's it. Genug gelabert, zieht euch dieses gute Stück und haut rein!


THE EXPELLED - No Life No Future EP 1982 + Government Policy 7'' 1982 + Waiting For Tomorrow 12'' 1984

The Expelled are a punk rock band which formed July 1981 in Leeds, England. After gigging around Leeds the band signed a record deal with Riot City Records after Rick Fox gave a demo tape to the drummer of Vice Squad, (one of the groups chief influences). They went on to release a three track extended player and a single both in 1982, and then do a John Peel session on BBC Radio 1 in December 1982. Ball left in 1983 and the band tried out several female vocalists, touring with one (Jewlie) and recording two songs with another (Penny, a girlfriend of Vice Squad guitarist Dave Bateman), before deciding to carry on as a three piece with McEvoy taking over on vocals. The new line-up recorded four tracks for an unreleased 12", 'Waiting for Tomorrow', before Riot City Records ran into financial problems and the band split in May 1984. Here we have now all their 80's recordings by this fantastic UK Punkrock Pioneers.

Friday, 6 October 2017

LA FRACTION - s/t EP 1995

Four piece female fronted french punk from Paris with their first EP. La Fraction are singing solely in French (but provide us only-English-speaking dolts translations), and I can’t seem to listen to this EP enough. Straight forward, energetic, catchy and melodic songs with Magalies outstanding voice and she is a phenomenal one and gives the songs the final touch. This woman can SING! Perhaps the best voice in the female 90s. Saw them live here in Frankfurt years ago at the AU Open Air and they were fuckin' awesome, intoxicating and passionate. Believe me this band has it all. Imagine a big squatter’s party somewhere in Europe, hundreds of people, late at night. You wander around with a buzz of alcohol and drugs in your mind. Three crackers of the very finest. They have made three albums. Get all if you find - highly recommended!!!

TARGET OF DEMAND - Your Choice Live Series 1989

One more fine release is this very high-quality slab and this time with the Linz punk band Target Of Demand. This gig was recorded on 8. December 1989 live @ the Oberhaus, Alzey in Germany and they give us twelve melodic energetic punk trashers. Nothin' more to add but I like to give you a short info about Your Choice: the Your Choice Live Series is a benefit project, supporting the fight against fur trade, keeping people informed about different, more healthy ways of living through a different way of nourishment and helping people who had the courage to even go to jail for helping innocent and weak animals out of theirs. - Top idea which needs support. And now, enter the Oberhaus and be part of it.

- Special Thx to Reinhard -

FRÆBBBLARNIR - Viltu Bjór Væna? 1996

Now a fuckin' rare and awesome post and it's really difficult to get records or anything else from Fræbbblarnir, a Scandinavian band which were formed in 1978 and released a number of records until they quit early in 1983. A punk band playing short, melodic songs fast and raw, they were inspired by the Ramones, Sex Pistols, Damned, Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias, Stiff Little Fingers and the rest of the early Punk and New Wave scene, as well as 1960s bands like the Kinks and Troggs. They appeared in the documentary Rokk í Reykjavík, and the album “Viltu Nammi Væna?” is regarded as a classic. Its members continued playing on and off under various names until a compilation album was released by Smekkleysa (Bad Taste) in 1996, when the original band was re-formed. The band is still active and their record “Í Hnotskurn”, released in 2015 got excellent reviews, an album of the year for veteran critic Halldor Ingi Andresson and top reviews without exception. This re-release on CD from 1996 came via Smekkleysa (Bad Taste) and offers the album "Villtu Nammi Væna" with the addition of the 7Inches "Bjór" and "False Death", Out-Takes from the recording of VNM and some great live recordings as bonus. A great CD with thirty-eight catchy and dirty Killers!!  

Thursday, 5 October 2017

RITA REM - Ut Ur Mörkret EP 1981

This is the one and only release from this brilliant Swedish punk/powerpop band from Västerås (north of Stockholm). If you search the www for this slab you'll find a lot offers with awful prices and I ask myself not any longer why are these sellers are extremely outrageous. Well, let them sit on it. Musically four great songs on it and they remind me a bit of swaying music, you know (at least the first song sounds so), the second is a one minute cracker to my taste. Side B starts with a touch of ska pulse accompanied with a nice piano solo and the ten minute warning closes with a classic KBD snot rag. So, this record is more than a dry wit. Originally released on Modernes Pop Records and in the same year re-released on AMD Records.