Friday, 23 February 2018

AGM - Das Ist Heimat 1980

Another lost treasure of the small Bremer label Heimat Records is the album by AGM (ArbeitsGemeinschaft Rock) and I came to the band, Michael (vocals + guitar), Uwe (bass), Wolfgang (guitars) and Peter (drums), via the great compilation "Unser Sämbler No.1" which I bought cheaply on a record fair in the year 19??, represented there with two very good pieces and I searched for their one and only a long fucking time and finally after many birthdays I have her. Who now expects a typical german punk record as it recorded by many others in the early 80's will be surprised. Eleven songs at a leisurely pace, most over three minutes long plus exquisite lyrics about social ills, personal depths, longings, TV and war are described intellectually and I like that pretty much. On the cover is a number given, probably a limited edition but how many remains a secret. By the way, I added this time the booklet within. Now I dismiss you into the weekend, macht was Sinnvolles!

VOXPOP - 2 1981

Here is the second record, also appeared on Genlyd Records, by this Danish powerpop combo Voxpop with their charmin' singer Elizabeth. On the debut album the punk factor was more intense while the pop sound on this slab is more in the foreground. The songs so therefore rippling past me with little inspiration and no real highlight. I don't know why the power, freshness and enthusiasm from the first album were not continued. As if the band made a deal with a major so the songs sound. I mean, if you listen to their first album and compare that with this then you're disappointed. At least I feel that way. Reminds me a little of the fourth album by the Upstarts "Still From The Heart", you know. The statutory concept album that broke off my feet. Maybe was the case here. - Well, the band prove talent and maybe it was changed with their third album.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

STARJETS - God Bless Starjets 1979

Today we come to a nice Powerpop/Punk band which were formed in Belfast 1976 by Terry (vocals + guitars), Paul (guitars), Sean (bass) and Liam (drums) and they released a bunch of 7Inches and this awesome album at Epic: the StarjetsThey supported Bay City Rollers and Stiff Little Fingers and because of their amiable style they were labelled "the Bay City Rollers of punk". I think this is enough info and I'm not in the mood to write more except this album deserves your attention. 1983 the band disbanded due to musical differences and Terry formed with Pat Gribben the Adventures in the same year. Captain Oi! released a compilation with twenty-one songs in 1999, I think a good investment.

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

Wednesday, 21 February 2018


I turn the gear back a little and we beam ourselves into the glorious UK New Wave/Pop era of the 80s and this combo is still a secret favorite in my eyes and Listen was the second album by A Flock Of Seagulls, released 1983 on Zomba Records and this is their most commercial oneThree singles were released from this record, including a re-recorded version of their debut single '(It's Not Me) Talking', but they were only minor successes in the UK and abroad. The ten songs are not really bad but they come a bit too clean (can't find a suitable word) therefore in my opinion, presumably the Science Fiction theme was presented too vehemently and the stupid society doesn't honor further developments and changeor it was simply not a brilliant idea, who knows? Anyway, even after 35 years, their music can compete with the scrap that they call music today -  I have re-upped their debut album before you ask... and now enjoy the sound of Liverpool!

DZK - De Geração Para Geração Eternamente Punk 1993

A successful blend of early Olho Seco mixed with a pinch of Oi! and the sound of the 90's, that is DZK, a brazilian combo from Santo André/São Paulo. The band had a hard beginning, always line-up changes and on their only album were: Barata (vocals), Charuto (bass), Flexa (guitars) and Makarrão (drums) involved I think, released via We Love Music Company and this is the CD version with seven more tracks from the rare 7Inches they recorded before. Twenty-one famose goodies can be heard and I promise you will love them all. I don't know if the boys keep making music, but there's some info in the file, you should check.

Monday, 19 February 2018

BÄRBEL - Punkzirkus 2001

"Old" men from Hamburg, some with glorious punk rock past - for example 3000 YEN, made a cool album with eighteen punkies and great German lyrics = catchy tunes. Nice lyrics about pretty women cocktail drinking, one or the other tragic love story (with or without a happy ending), their children or simply the preference Punk sung that one probably does not even let go over the years. The fact is the guys from Bärbel have the right sense of humor on the one hand shows the band name and the other the cool cover version of California Dreamin'. Their only album was released via Johnny Mofa Records and Punkzirkus is a record for friends of Hamburg punk rock and of course all other maniacs.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

SEKAANNUS - Eksyneet EP 1987

Sekaannus (Confusion) was a punk band from Virrat and they were active 1983-1989 and again in 2008. The band was founded by four high school graduates early 1983 but quickly the bass player went. So Ari (vocals), Hate (guitar) and Sami (drums) started through and played first gigs, a short time later Juha joined as new singer and Ari moved to the bass. A demo was recorded 1984 and together with their friends Massacre they combine their money and released the first vinyl EP called 19??, three songs per band and the result is fast-paced hardcore with limited playing skills, and 300 copies were pressed. 'Kutsu' followed one year later and the music became a step slower but still okay. 1987 Hate left and was replaced by Mikko and this line-up recorded the brilliant Eksyneet EP, released via Stigma and Häkkinen is perhaps the most famous song of the band. Three solid mid-tempo Finnish geysers, highly recommend. The last studio album came 1988 (again on Stigma) called "Minä Ja Hän" with seven goodies. The band decided to make their expression simpler, resulting was a straightforward Hardcore tape recorded in Salo 1989 but is still unpublished. Also represented on compilations, mostly tapes from the 80s. During their six-year history Sekaannus played 30-40 gigs, the last of which was be played @ Puntala in summer of 1989.

2008 the band was re-activated and released two years later a new split EP with Abortti 13 and a split album again with Massacre. Ari (bass), Hate (vox + guitar on the EP), Juha (vocals), Sami (guitars) and Mikko (drums) play some gigs after their reunion and are back full in juice. More new songs are available as digital downloads somewhere.

V/A - Court Metrage EP 1994

For breakfast I serve some delicacies from the French label Panx Productions and the table is plenty covered with sixteen bands offering specialties from their countries, the whole pleasure takes just eleven minutes and so fast I haven't eaten any bun, garnished with eggs, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers + strong coffee. Wish a healthy appetite everybody!

1.I Want You Too/Fuck - KWIK WAY
4.No Compromise - SIX FEET OVER
5.No Fraud - NO FRAUD
6.Now She Don't Care - WATCH YOU DROWN
7.Rumpus Room - POST MORTEM
10.Walking Contradiction - F.Y.P.
12.Scouting - SOCKEYE
13.Apartheid Inc. - BESMET
14.They - BLANKS '77
15.Casualty - P.U.S.
16.Crossing The Street With Don - SEA MONKEYS

Saturday, 17 February 2018

GLUEAMS - Live EP 1981

All these songs on this awesome EP were recorded @ the "Swiss Punk Now" Festival in November 1979 and Glueams are the only band which released a few samples of this legendary two-day festival and the sound quality is fuckin' TOP! Spray painted cover, done by Dorette herself and 1000 copies were pressed. Glueams were a swiss punk band from Bern with female singer and lyrics in swiss dialect. They had a short existence, I think two years exactly (1979-1981) and the band turned later to legendary art wave/punk band called Grauzone, who created the smash hit "Eisbär"! Glueams released all in all three 7inches and they arequite essential. Raw dirty + catchy killer stuff and extreme hard for an alpine country in my opinion. In 2010 came a complete discography album by Static Age out with all their official songs and if you had the chance to buy a copy don't hesitate. Swiss Punk at it's fuckin' best!! Cheers :)

Friday, 16 February 2018

RÄDSLA - Sanningen För Pojkar 1981

Founded 1979 in Lund/Sweden by Mikael (vocals), Henki + Boklund (guitars), Mats (bass) and Bure (drums) and together they were a pretty rough powerpop-punk blast, maybe the first who have long rehearsed. The name Rädsla (Fear) is taken from a song that they called Fear and they thought this was a good one because it is often found in newspapers with both: fun and exciting meanings. 1980 the band released their first 7Inch called "Mannen" on Heartwork Records with three songs, one year later this mini album followed, again on Heartwork Records and on it seven remarkable tunes. Not in the traditional KBD style, rather very playful with nice harmonic snotty guitars, exact my cup of tea and I can listen again & again to their charmin' sound. This album is a real highlight and everything is perfect. Rädsla have further contribute a few songs for various compilations (check Vägra Raggarna Benzin Vol.3 & 4 for example) and 1981 the band broke up. Enjoy this music and finally you will say: "From being nothing, they have become something!"