Tuesday, 24 January 2017

SYDKRAFT - Surfway 7'' 1978

This 7inch was released by a major label called EMI (Pfftttt...) and that's amazing because searchin' the net I find nothing (Also in the Encyclopedia of Swedish Punk they are mentioned only in passing). Sydkraft were from Halmstad and they released two 7inches and one full length and here ends my info. Musically they play a decent PowerPop sound with organ and a punky background. The title track is a nice surf tune and brings the sun in your house. The flip is sung in Swedish and is for me the winner and I would choose it if I release some day a KBD compilation on WDM Records. Donations for this are welcome. Let's enjoy this rare 7'' with two awesome kicks and they belong in any decent punk household!

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

Monday, 23 January 2017

V/A - New Zealand EP 1987

This litte fucker came out on Out Of Order Records and five bands give themselves the honor to show the ignorant world that even in far away New Zealand Punkrock was and is present. Well, I don't wanna write more because I'm so tired of this shitty day so I leave you with this (PS: the last track is amazing) - Amen! 

1.Carnivore - ACID REIGN
2.TV Commercial - HOLOCAUST
3.Women Of Your Dreams - DEFIANCE
5.Private War - NAZGÛL

THE SEIZE - Dancing Like A Dervish EP 1984

Now a rare record from the Wanted-List and there's not much music in Blogland from The Seize (this is really a shame), a four piece from Reading/Berkshire and they have three 7Inches and a mini album, all via Why Not? Records, released (delight your ears to the 2nd at kbdrecords), and it's fuckin' time to listen more from them because this band is simply delicious, more swingin' powerpop and I will not to say amateurish, rather somehow they give me the feeling there is no evil in the world, you know... Argh! anyway, four nice songs and maybe someone sent their 12''. The Seize can be found on Back To Front # 3 and Bloodstains Across The UK 4. Go for it... 

- Big Thx to trgec -

Sunday, 22 January 2017

FUZZ - Satan's Fans 7'' 1981

Never heard of this combo from Marseille and this is their only record on Les Productions Amicalement Vôtre with two hard rockin' metal fetzer. Was not on my Wanted-List and a positive little surprise in my mailbox and the first metal post in 2017. The a-side is really cool and the guitars blow me out tremendously, the tempo proper kept high and the voice nice angry & wild, a decent number, the flip is also good, a stomper which can only hardrocker play... very charming.

- Big Thx to François -

Saturday, 21 January 2017

SEX PISTOLS - Black Leather 7'' 1980

In a few minutes the Bundesliga starts again with the top game in Leipzig and I'm in high tension. Fuckin' work is done and we come to a very very unknown band, who the fuck are the Sex Pistols?? I don't know but there are dozens of books and more more LP's/CD's that are disproportionate to their complete musical works. The music kicks me right from the beginning when I first listen to them. Can not say which song it was but they had not really much, hahaha....I'm thankful, whoever, who brought me to them and so I start my fuckin' punk life. I imagine that I was not the only one...Summary these two tracks are probably the rarest Sex Pistols tracks, only released as part of the Pistols Pack in 1980 which consisted of six singles with the most obvious Pistols tunes, similar to the Flogging A Dead Horse compilation. In fact these aren't the Sex Pistols but Paul Cook & Steve Jones after finishing the Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle-soundtrack and before forming The Professionals. Two great nuggets + a must have! And now: forza SGE!!

Friday, 20 January 2017

FLEISCH - ... Macht Süchtig EP 1989

Late in the evening we visit Horgen, a kaff in no mans land of Switzerland and meet Fleisch, a punk/hardcore four piece of the late eighties and 'Macht Süchtig is their first record on Far Out Records and it has songs singin' in French, English and German and the bandwidth of their sound goes from powerful punk into atmospheres of bellicosity, aggression and melancholy. I bought the 7Inch because of the brilliant band name on ebay for five bucks or so and when I listened to them I must say they make their thing astrein, just six pissers in ca. thirteen minutes and that is already a house mark, boom out pleasantly and the artwork with all infos within let my punk heart enjoy a drink and move me to the fast lane and lead me on the left track with frosty balls. Bloody Hell, I need my bed, tomorrow I have to work unfortunately.... Kackladen.... :(


LIK - Total Krig EP 1981

Another unknown band from Norway is this two piece called Lik and they released their only three song EP on Likvider Plater in 1981. The fast title track 'Total Krig' is a-typical punk and boasts a wry guitar solo. The other two cuts are more slower songs, but added with some cold synth-lines, almost early synth-punk. Works well together and rough produced. Overall, it is noted that in this way, the band manages to create a very sterile and gloomy apocalyptic mood. I also like that the songs are sung in Norwegian. They also had a track on the brilliant Anarki & Kaos compilation. Check them out and decide for yourselfs.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

THE RIPTIDES - Sunset Strip EP 1978

We leave Europe and swim southeast and land in Brisbane. The Riptides formed in 1977 as The Grudge, with their members comprising students from the Architecture Department of the University of Queensland. In 1978 they changed their band names, firstly, The Neon Steal and then The Numbers. In September 1978, The Numbers issued a limited edition (500 copies) EP, Sunset Strip on the Able label. Three powerful songs which are probably their best, yesterday I listen to their mini album Swept Away, a live recording and was very disappointed and far far away from the sound they recorded on this record. Well, they made numerous plates and I think the band is still active.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

V/A - Beat-Less EP 1988

The last for today and it's time for a compilation in 7Inch format and we visit our friends in the Netherlands. This beautiful piece of vinyl is the fourth release of the small label Let's Make Our Own Records and all four pieces are not available elsewhere and I don't know why this record is so cheap offered. Well, it's nothing special of course but it's not load of shit you know. Howsoever, this platte rocks and is in every way ok.

1.Got To Follow My Heart - UNION MORBIDE
4.Happy New Year - YAHOO