Friday, 24 February 2017

RED LETTER DAY - More Songs About Love & War 1991

Red Letter Day is a punk band which formed in Portsmouth in 1984 and they released their first single in 1986 which found favour with disc jockey John Peel, who invited them to record a session for his BBC Radio 1 show. The single receive good reviews and two years later the first 12'' came out on Released Emotions Records, a split with The Sect. More Songs... followed three years later and this is my first contact with them. Red Letter Day play a solid heavy loud punk'N'roll with no barriers and you can get more info about the band on punkoiuk, it's worth a click. A very good record with eleven melodic fetzer. And now folks, have an exciting weekend!

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

ISM - Attack 7'' 1980

From the Wanted-List now a rare record by ISM, punk from Bayside/Queens, N.Y.C. and this is their first release S.I.N. Records. ISM was originally a concept by manager & producer Bob Sallese and lead singer Jism. Larry Ray (now deceased) was the official drummer but Greg D'Amgelo and Dave Miranda appeared on some records and play at some live gigs. They released two albums and the debut album 'A Diet For The Worms' is nowadays fuckin' rare and I never seen a copie elsewhere. Two goodies on this, chunky sound with nice keys. The title track of their second 7Inch was used for Killed By Death #4. So far so good, enjoy!

- Big Thx to François -

Thursday, 23 February 2017

V/A - Birkagården Gärdet 1986

I love stuff like this and next here is a ultra-rare live compilation which was released on Rosa Honung Rec. The Songs were recorded in January & August 1985 and the rest in February 1986 at different places in Sweden. Besides the Instigators there are only Swedish bands present. A hot mix of punk & hardcore come along in a decent sound quality. If you search for some new bands then this record will inspire you. SKÅL!

2.Sommarlåten - TRÄD, GRÄS & STENAR
3.Passenger - WATABOUT
5.Välkommen Hem - ASTA KASK
7.Dom Styr Våra Liv - MOB 47
9.God Shave The Queen - INSTIGATORS
10.Poliser - TREDJE KÖNET
11.Rooms Of Darkness - SLAM
13.Ditt Land Behöver Dej - CHARTA 77

BORDEAUX - L'Auto Stop 7'' 1980 + Baby 7'' 1981

This band from France has two 7Inches released and both can not be more different. Their first one sounds almost like hippie music, little tempo and really unattractive and I have long thought about posting them and when I heard 'Baby'  I was gracious because these two songs are first class '77 punk as I like it. They better have stayed this style because they make it great. Well, about the band no info but I guess they finished in the early 80's.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

M&M'S - My Boyfriend's Back EP 1979

'My Boyfriend's Back' was a hit in 1963 for The Angels, an American girl group, and has also been covered in punk rock-influenced recordings by a lots of bands. So also from the American girl pop-punk band the M&M's which released in 1979 their only 7'' called 'I'm Tired'. Four Years later the German label Line-Records published the record again with one more song (My Boyfriend's Back). And nowadays this record is very rare and listed at exorbitant prices. All three goodies are beautiful sweet punk-pop with lots of charm and let's rise the sixties again.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

SNIPERS - From The Tombs EP 2001

Their first EP, Blood Sucking Freaks is already a killer and the Snipers from Denmark brings with their second release, also on the grand Kick'n'Punch Records label, another Brainkiller out. And on it nine snotty garage-trashy punk rock numbers which ensures all over the line for a pleasant atmosphere. The right soundtrack when you traveling to a concert and the beer tastes again so fuckin' good. Unfortunately, far too soon disbanded but they left us with their two EP's which are little masterpieces of the Danish underground from the 21st century. Amen!

Monday, 20 February 2017

ARSENIK - Bad Girl EP 1980

From Karlshamn/Sweden came this short-lived band and they were active from 1979 - 1981 and Bad Girl is their only release on Ori Records. Arsenik were Paul Zanichelli (vox & keys), Anders Fernlund (guitar & vox), Peter Vestermark (bass), Roger Karlsson (drums) and these youngsters offers here three awesome poppy '77 punk tunes and the keys rock the songs and I love the rattling sound which fabricate the four. The band recorded some demos but only these three songs have made their way on vinyl. The title song was taken for the rare Killed By Death #51 compilation. They did a reunion gig in 2002. Enjoy one more Swedish Punkrock pearl from the good old days.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

SYSTEM! - s/t LP 1982

A short-lived band from Berlin were System! and they existed from 1979-1982 and have only one record released on People's Records in 1982. Various compilations contributions, worth mentioning the Licht & Schatten album with two pieces were their first offer in the punk world. Here, we get nine pieces of solid punk rock, musically & lyrically in the major league, melodic and aggressive as I like it. In my opinion quite underrated band at this time and I think they deserve more attention. Why don't Karl Walterbach from AGR ask them to made more with the band remains a mystery. No matter, nowadays a classic and highly sought-plate that is be traded on any record fair to high prices.

THE RATS - Kids 7'' 1982

From Dunkerque came this five piece and this is their only record on Ratplay and both songs shine as mid-tempo streetpunk, lightly Oi! Influenced, and are easily digestible, the flip was used for the Killed By Death #24 compilaton. Again one of the bands which unfortunately disappeared after a record in the sinking. Definitely a good start into the weekend.